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Hi.. I went to the Dental Works here in Anderson SC.

It was a new office that were offering free whitening for life if you were to keep up with your appointments and cleaning regularly. I hadn't been to the dentist in maybe two years due to my fear. I finally sucked it up and out on my big girl panties. I have to stay the staff was pretty nice.

No complaints there, however it was the treatment plan that had worked out for me. First they took several xrays of my mouth and teeth. All seemed ok until the dentist and administrator had come in to speak to me. They told me that it would be in my best interest if I would have all my wisdom teeth pulled including another tooth that supposely had bone lose..

The dentist suggested implants..Mind you I am 40 years old and never had an issue with my wisdom teeth nor any other teeth.. They also told me that I need extensive cleaning of my gums..With all the procedure and treatment they wanted to perform on me.. It would have cost me 6K out of pocket, this did not include the oral surgeon's costs for the extractions.. Low and behold I was beside myself..

I walked out of there without even getting a teeth cleaning..Feeling very overwhelmed, I decided to get a second opinion.. I went to popular dentist in the same area.. He looked over all my xrays and told me that not one tooth needed to be pulled.. nor did I have any bone lose..

He cleaned my teeth and I went on my way..

Dental Works are a bunch of butchers and crooks.. My suggestion to anyone going to this dental office before you agree to anything be sure to get a second opinion..

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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #648248

These jokers tried to tell me that my daughter needed braces for ONE tooth!! This was to be for 5 months at the cost of 3600 dollars. And when i said no... im not going to do that. They tried to make me feel as if I was emotionally crippling my child for life.

I told them that if my child was that fragile... I would rather pay 3600 for therapy than for braces.

They are *** CRAZY!!!

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