My son had work done at DentalWorks and they booked him an appointment for 6 months out. He left for College and never gave it another thought..

We received a 25.00 bill for a missed appointment so I called and said we never knew about this appointment because he is away at school.

They said they sent a text and I said that number they have is no longer ours my husband changed jobs and had to give that up so we would have never received that reminder and the girl on the phone was extremely rude and was yelling so I asked for a manger and put my husband on with Vernon Groebner who was even worse he hung up the phone so my husband tried calling back 3 times and they would not answer so he called on his new work number and of course they answered he asked for Vernon who now was so busy he couldn’t take the call and never called my husband back. Terrible customer service this was clearly a situation that was out of our control and thought they would wave the fee but they didn’t and I have 5 people who all need cleanings with this new insurance and they would rather get 25.00 then all the business we might have brought them.

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