I was charged over $200 because the office didn't know what CIGNA would cover.OK!

But a week later I received the statement from CIGNA and it said I only owed $93.00. I called dental works and was told it was in processing and they would refund the difference when CIGNA sent the statement. Two weeks later, I called..still in processing..I called CIGNA thaey said "B..S.." the statement was out a week ago. After not hearing for 3 more weeks, I called local office and again "it was in processing at CIGNA".

I filed a dispute with Capital One and they put the money back in my acct in one day and would write Dental Works for me.

I still have not heard a word from Dental Works and it's now 3 months.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #836987

Hold onto your wrath.Insurance companies usually send E.O.Bs (estimate of benefits) to patients a few days before the dental offices receive them.

Happens here all the time.

You are the policyholder, not the dental office.Realistically, it is YOU who should know the minute details and limitations of your dental plan coverage.

Why you choose to go to a sleazy corporate chain clinic owned by investors, instead of a regular dentist who owns his own practice, is beyond my comprehension.


Make another appointment get your teeth cleaned & x ray...walk past the receptionist, out the door & get in your car & drive away. Call them when you get home & oops my bad, please send me a bill. pay it or not.

to Pooty_McStinkypants #855654

Don't do that they will put it on your credit report and possibly charge you with theft of services

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