Teeth extracted Feb 2017. Immediate dentures placed 875.00.

June 2017 impressions for permanent denture, received Sept 2017 too big adjust adjust adjust finally relined now the teeth look like horse teeth. Refused to fix .

I want my money back paid for something I can’t even use. Do not go to these places they do not care about you or teeth just sell sell sell and their bottom line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dentalworks Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Happy Customer. Took 10 months but I got a full refund which releases me to go seek a new denture maker. I had to get corporate involved but it was worth it.


Forgot to put that the permanent dentures were 2560.00 paid for up front which is part of their book as you have no recourse or leverage. Their entire operation for dentures is shady at best. I have contacted the state licensing and an attorney to attempt to get relief for the purchase of two sets of non fitting dentures!

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