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I moved to the area and chose the nearest Dentist to me that looked decent and accepted my insurance. This is in the Fayetteville, NC area.

My initial visit to sign up with them they started putting my info into the computer and they asked me to tell them all of my personal information to include they wanted me to say my social security number out loud at the front desk next to a lobby of people waiting. Yeah, right! They didn't ever even smile. Everyone working there that I encountered on my first and second visit seemed not very friendly toward customers and there was a lot of gossip/chit-chat going on in the hallways amongst the employees all the time.

The dentist comes in and he is very young, is chewing gum, and is wearing blue jeans and a collared shirt. Yeah real professional -I was NOT impressed. Took me a minute to figure out he was actually the dentist and not some kid working there or a joke. He sat down and talked as if we were old buddies or something while still chewing his gum.

The assistant came over and then they went through a big binder with me of colored brochures and photos showing all of the services Dental Works offers. I felt like I had a door-to-door salesman there pitching me a sales speech. AWKWARD. I did like the hi-tech images they had taken of my teeth and went over with me on the computer.

I ended up leaving with scheduled appointments for a cleaning and an appointment for over $700 worth of "recommended" work (which I went to another dentist and had done for $29). They also printed up a 5-year plan for me which totals over $10,000 worth of projected work to include ripping out all of my metal fillings because they shrink and expand and crack my teeth and poison my body or something as well as veneers on my teeth just because they look good. Then they called in their 'financial adviser' to go over all costs and forms of payment and legalities and had me sign a bunch of papers about all this info. I felt like I was gonna be indebted to them for the rest of my life.

All that is not even why I write though. The worst part of my experience was when I came back for the cleaning, it was the WORST experience I have EVER had at a dentist. I'd rather have had a root canal. They were very quick and harsh and poked and prodded causing pain and bleeding then they put some chemical in my mouth to clean and it made me extremely nauseous and sick for the rest of the entire day.

WORST taste I have ever had. Upon leaving, they tried to charge me $25 for a treatment that I had not pre-authorized or had not even been made aware of and I told them my insurance covers all cleanings but they said it was extra fluoride they used or something and I pitched a fit and they waived the cost LOL. I have never had a worse experience at a dentist than I did at that cleaning -not even after having had root canals, crowns, and wisdom teeth pulled that cleaning was by far the worst and I was sooo sick afterward it was awful.

Needless to say, I cancelled the next appointment and will NEVER go back again. Just wish they didn't have all my info.

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OMG!! I had the same experience at Dental Works in Fayetteville, NC.

I thought the office staff was nice, but everytime I had an appointment, I left with an estimate for $1000.00!! The last straw was when I went there and they told me that I had to get $5K worth of work done. I was moving and could not afford it. I had a bad feeling about them and went to a private dentist here in Cleveland.

She looked at my teeth and said they looked good and that I had to get a crown replaced. My out of pocket is $331.00!! I wanted to kiss her.

Dental Works is a scam!! DON'T GO THERE!!


Every DentalWorks is the same! Getting involved with them was the WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!


Had a horrible experience myself.

Can agree on the sales pitch and excessive suggested work. Also with being baited into signing up for Care Credit. I asked to have care credit card reimbursed as I paid for deep cleaning and initial visit out of pocket and now cannot get anyone to help me (Sure: I'd like an extra $2665 in my account also)!!! Office Manager never has time to see me...

My second visit for deep cleaning left me with a swollen cheek and bruise for a week!

I complained to the local paper and the better business bureau so far--all of us might want to consider the state board of dental examiners and/or the American Dental Association as well!

Wagener, South Carolina, United States #401542

I used to go to Dental Works in NC. I felt the whole time that the staff was more interested in selling products (high dollar electric toothbrushes, special toothpaste, mouth washes/rinses,etc.) than they were in the patient.

I had several thousand dollars worth of work done and less than a year later my teeth are in horrible shape.

On another note: the staff was great at Dental Works, very professional, very polite. Just wished I hadn't also felt that I was being giving a sales pitch by a door-to-door salesman!!

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