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To make a long story short one of my wisdom teeth was infected. I had a vacation planned in the next week or so.

Dental Works of Garfield Hts Ohio urged me to have all four pulled! I listened as I am not a Dr and thought they knew what was best. They assured me I would be healed and ready for my vacation. Well, I went to my appointment and filled out some paperwork.

The orthadontist was Japanese or Chinese not sure- and could not enunciate his English well at all so the assistant had to relay everything to me. Okay, fine I could deal with that. So they give me the gas and pull all four teeth out. One of them gave him trouble and he worked on it longer than the others.

He cleaned me up and sent me out to the receptionist area where I had to try to talk and pay for the visit! Why wasnt this done before hand?? My head just got four giant teeth pulled out of it and the gas was still wearing off and my mouth was full of gauze and blood. How did they think I was supposed to communicate with anyone?

So I pulled my credit card out and let them swipe it and signed some kind of form so I could get out of there as I could feel my face was swollen. I got out of the door and sat in my car for ten or twenty minutes. I was shakey and a bit out of it. They said I didnt need anyone to drive me.

So I tried to pull it together and drove home. Now that I look back I probably should have called someone for a ride but then again I could not talk, only make noises! So a few days passed and everything seemed fine. Well, I get dry socket on the tooth that gave the Dr.

trouble. Strangest pain. Extremely annoying too. I get antibiotics to clear it up and the pain was not gone nor was the prescription finished before I went on my vacation!

Thanks! Still to this day I have problems with my ear on that side. I do not have a history of ear infections. I occasionally get shooting pains and it feels a bit heavy.

Could that be nerve damage?? I dont know I am not a Dr. Maybe its just a coincidence?

I still will never ever recommend anyone to go to Dental Works for anything! My experience was unprofessional and unsafe!

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the only reason you would have gotten dry socket is from smoking , sucking on a straw or doing something else you were specifically told not to do . half the time treatment for patients changes as they are in the chair therefore it's impossible to charge beforehand . i work in a dental office btw , so i know for a fact before having teeth pulled you sign a WAIVER saying you are aware of all the side effects of extractions .

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